Hii, My name is Sherri Bell, I’m 24 and completely mad about clothes and makeup. I will never claim to be ‘fashionable’ because in my opinion, I am far from. I’m always struggling to keep up with the latest trend and then to scrape the pennies together to purchase staple items. I am not one of them girls that can throw on an outfit and look amazing like it was no effort. I spend hours thinking about what I’m going to wear, sometimes it comes together and other times I end up looking like a scruff but that’s half the fun. I love it when an outfit just works!

I’m from a small town at the edge of the lake district, I couldn’t imagine living in a big city even though I do adore the bustling life. I don’t have to drive more than 10 minutes to be somewhere completely beautiful. I’m a romantic and believe everything happens for a reason.

I decided to start a blog not just to share my thoughts on the latest trends but because I love writing. If something embarrassing happens to me (which it regularly does) I’ll share it with you or if something significant happens I’ll post it. I’m really excited about starting this and I hope you all enjoy reading. xoxo