Christmas Present for your Phone?

When did our relationships with our phones become more important than the ones we have with the people in our lives?

I have become increasingly aware of people around me sat tapping away at their phone screens, I do it myself, I will be out for a catch up with a friend and for some unbeknownst reason I will be sat there clearing out my emails?! I looked up the other day on a break at college, the room was silent and every single person was staring at their phone.

Don’t get me wrong I think the smart phone is a truly wonderful invention, I love the fact that when I’m on holiday I can video chat my dogs, I can access my bank at any time and keep in touch with all of my lovely friends that I just don’t have as much time to see anymore. They are brilliant, genius and have the ability to keep us feeling safer than ever.
I would not like to be without one however, I could be. I think it would probably be a nice feeling – free.

So when did scrolling through Facebook become more important than talking to the person next to you? Is seeing what that girl, you haven’t seen nor spoken to for ten years, has had for her tea more important than catching up with an old friend? Is watching yet another video of a young lad do something daft and hurt himself more significant than asking your other half how their day was?

I used to be extremely bad for it but I make every effort now to pay attention to the people around me – sometimes you do need to just use your phone or you want look something up and that is fine, the phone is not the problem it is how addictive the human race has become to the need to be connected to a virtual world.

Thinking about this has made me question so many things;
Are romantic relationships falling apart more and more these days because couples are more interested in Youtube than each other? Are friendships breaking down because we spend so much time stalking social media accounts that we don’t feel the need to actually spend time with them people anymore? It takes nurture and effort from both parties for any sort of relationship to survive.

If something happened to one of the people you love, would you wish that you’d spent more time talking to them instead of staring at your screen?

You are not going to look back in ten years and remember fondly of the hours a day you wasted browsing eBay and clothing websites, you’ll look back on the times you spent laughing with your love, drinking with your friends and spending time with your family.

This is just a little message to remind you to look up once inawhile – put your phone aside and take notice of the people you are with. They are the moments that you will remember forever.


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