Can only be described as waffle…

It’s took me four months to pick up the courage to write another post for this blog. I don’t know what I’m worried about other than what I have to write might not be interesting enough for everybody else to read? So excuse me if I waffle a bit, I’m only just getting my flow going and I have a million and one things to tell you.

It is my favourite time of the year right now. Nothing, in my opinion, compares to the start of the Autumn season. It is time to pick out some new boots and a new coat finally! Actually I have an idea for a coat already, I want a fur one this year – I know, I know it’s not totally practical but since I spent the first three months of this year in Australia & Asia I didn’t get full use out of my parka so logic here is that since the parka is still going strong surely I can afford to have a little bit of impracticality?! – Not just any fur coat though, it has to be hooded with ears. There is only so long you can get away with wearing a coat with ears. Some might even age 7 is old enough, however I think about 27 is maybe when I should grow out of it so I’ve got a good 2/3 years yet.

I seen the perfect coat last year or the year before on ASOS, it was a creamy white fur number with two little ears on top. I could have been a Polar Bear! I’m actually holding out hope that it will come back up for sale but just in case I have found one I quite like, it’s a bit mad but I’m okay with that.

Lazy Oaf coat

Isn’t it beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeautiful.
The other half went “Is it for fancy dress?”. No it’s not you cheeky mare.

It is an expensive one though and I have A LOT to pay out for this Autumn. If you didn’t know already (which you wouldn’t unless you know me) I am spending 16 nights in America!
America is my absolute dream. Every time I think I am finally going to the States I genuinely get goosebumps. I don’t think I’ll ever want to come home. I’m already thinking about how I can get a green card, probably should see if it lives up to my expectations first though eh. Plus I don’t know how I’d leave my dogs, they’re my absolute world. I feel torn. Anyway back to America, the thought of spending ‘Fall’ there is so exciting. We’re going the 22nd October – 7th November and visiting LA, Las Vegas, New Orleans and New York. The other half said I could pick anywhere I wanted since it was my dream and I literally could not narrow it down to more than four. We will be in New Orleans for Halloween which is also my birthday! I’ve heard if you pin a dollar to your shirt people wish you Happy Birthday and sometimes they may even give you another dollar to pin to your shirt. I hope I come home covered in dollars. You will undoubtedly hear lots more about this before the time comes.

SO boots I have a little ploy going on currently, a couple of years ago I got a pair of what I like to call ‘fall coloured’ sequin UGG Boots (I say fall because I like to pretend I’m American) and Nick, the better half of me, HATES them with a passion. They stand out like a sore thumb but with so much planned before the end of the year I know I really I can’t justify to him buying a new pair of UGG boots so I think if I wear them often enough he’ll ‘force’ me too. Mwahahahahhaa. I know I can get away with writing this because he’s never once read one of my blogs, he has to listen to me in real life so no way is he going to read the rubbish I have to write as well. I know UGG boots are dated now but when you live in the corner of the lake district you really appreciate the comfort and warmth they have to offer.

(I’ll get a picture of them later for you)

I’ll say Bye for now, I won’t take as long to come back next time.


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